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Backlit Signs in Edmonton

When choosing signage for your business, you need to consider the message you are trying to send to people and the customer you are catering to. Backlit signs are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere in any business. There can be used inside and out, and with the right message and well-lit directions, you can point people directly to your door.
When it comes to backlit signs, there can be no error. These signs require an electrical system and occasional maintenance to ensure you get the best performance from them and are safe. An excellent product that is manufactured correctly, with attention to detail, and with no corners cut can last for years, while a poorly made backlit sign can burn out faster than it should.
So, what’s the solution to avoiding these problems if you are looking for custom backlit signs?
Working with a qualified and experienced sign company! As a full-service sign company, we can handle the design, fabrication, installation, and any maintenance required for your sign. We are Horizon Sign Solutions: Edmonton’s trusted sign shop and we are ready to serve you.
For more information on backlit signs and the services we offer, contact us, and talk to a signage expert.


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Create A Stunning Interior and Inviting Exterior

Your exterior sign needs to look inviting, otherwise, no one is going to come in. This is where you can use this versatile form of signage to your advantage. Having a storefront backlit letter sign, such as halo-lit channel letters, is perfect for creating an impression people will not forget and making people interested in your business.
As for your interior, there is a reason why businesses choose backlit signs inside their establishment: they create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. They are perfect for establishments that have dim lighting, such as high-class restaurants and gastro pubs, because they add beautifully to the ambiance.

Types of Custom Backlit Signs

Depending on where you want to install your signage and what you want to achieve with it, you have many options when it comes to backlit signs, such as:

One thing we understand at Horizon Sign Solutions is how to create storefronts that attract customers. LED back-lit signs are fantastic because they are low maintenance, require less energy consumption compared to traditional neon signs, and have a longer life span. Neon signs are great if you want a look that was popular in the 1980s, but if you want your business to look cutting-edge and modern, step up to LED power!

Regardless of where you want your backlit sign, with Horizon Sign Solutions handling your project, you can guarantee satisfaction.