Custom Metal Signage for Your Business in Edmonton

If you want your business to exude power and importance, there’s nothing better than custom metal signs in Edmonton to give you a sharp and professional look. Not only are they versatile, which makes them easy to customize to a business’s unique needs, but they are also durable.
If you want custom metal signs in Edmonton made by a company with a reputation for hitting deadlines and ensuring high quality, look no further. Our experts at Horizon Sign Solutions are here for you! Crafting custom signs is what we do best.
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Custom Metal Signs Make Offices Look Sharp

If you’re an office manager who needs door signs or lobby signs, consider metal as a material. Wood doors with metal name plaques are a simple and tasteful way to decorate your office. When you choose Horizon Sign Solutions for custom metal signs in Edmonton, we can personalize your signage to showcase your employees’ names, positions, and more. These signs will not only make your employees feel appreciated but also add to the office decor.

Illuminated Signage Draws People to Your Business

If you aren’t taking advantage of illuminated signage, you’re missing out on optimizing your visibility. These signs are crucial outdoors, especially for late-night businesses. By combining the confidence and durability you can expect from metal with an effective lighting system, you’ll have an impactful, long-lasting sign that’s visible from afar.
Since metal is an easy material to work with, we can customize your sign to cater to your preferences or specific signage goals. With a custom LED metal sign advertising your business, you can guarantee to get the exposure your business deserves.

Aluminum Signage

The most common type of custom metal signs in Edmonton are aluminum signs. There’s a clear reason why people trust aluminum; it’s lightweight, durable, and offers amazing ROI for the lifespan you can expect. They can be used for parking signs, wayfinding signs, and more, in both outdoor and indoor environments.
If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option to showcase your business’s commitment to go green, aluminum signs can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. If you’re a business that promotes itself as being eco-friendly, consider aluminum for your next custom metal sign project in Edmonton.

Resilience and Resistance

While they are a reliable choice for their durability and longevity, custom metal signs are also resistant to fire, insects, corrosion, and rust. Depending on the finish, they can even be resistant to minor scratches. You can feel confident that your signs will stand strong and look great while they represent your business.

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If you’re interested in getting custom metal signs in Edmonton for your business, call us. We’ll show you how we customize signs before getting started on your project. To give you peace of mind that the final product will be as you have envisioned it.

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