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Are you looking for an eye-catching, yet affordable signage solution? Banners are your best solution. Decorating an entire storefront can be an effective advertising strategy, yet it is costly. However, the cost of a banner is affordable, even large banner printing. For smaller Edmonton businesses or businesses outside the city that need to maximize their promotional materials, this is the perfect option!

When seeking out banner printing shops in Edmonton, we recommend Horizon Sign Solutions. As a family-owned business, we understand how to maximize our effort to boost your business. By applying our values of integrity, innovation, and teamwork, we create magic through our signage solutions.


What type of signage are you looking for?
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What is a Banner?

A long, rectangular graphic display that is attached to the exterior or front of a business and bears the company name, slogan, and/or logo. It is the most tried-and-true advertising method for businesses, as it is captivating and cost-effective.

Types of Banners

Any sign that relays information to onlookers about directions, locations, and exits, entrances, and any others that assist individuals navigate an environment, must be ADA signage in Edmonton. Here are a few examples of signs that can be made ADA-compliant: 

  • Wayfinding signs: These signs provide directions in many spaces, such as office buildings, malls, restaurants, and schools. By adding raised braille to these signs, anyone will be able to guide themselves through a space seamlessly.
  • Bathroom signs: By including ADA bathroom signs, the facility indicates that it is accessible to all individuals, regardless of ability.
  • Room identification signs: Many office buildings have unique naming conventions for their meeting rooms, offices, and board rooms. While naming conventions are fun and usually customized to the business’s brand, they can be difficult for an impaired individual to navigate. By adding custom braille signs, your business guarantees that no one will have to worry about locating a unique office space.
  • Entrances and exits: All entrances and exits, especially emergency exits, must be fitted with ADA braille signs around a building.

The cost of ADA signs is dependent on the level of customization that a business decides to invest in. The requirements are standardized to ensure consistency across all signage, so the cost can be fairly consistent as well across businesses.

Uses of Banners

Whether personalized banners or traditional banners and signs, there are so many uses that would positively impact your business. The following are a few reasons why you should be considering implementing banners into your business’s advertising strategy: 

  • Broaden your reach: Banners provide the perfect opportunity for you to expand your reach and communicate with past and potential customers. Include branding and valuable information for onlookers to quickly read, understand, and recall.
  • Easy set-up: As banners are quickly set up and taken down, they are portable advertising that can be moved from location to location.
  • Affordability: As one of the most cost-effective advertising options, they provide the perfect balance between advertising your company and keeping the budget tight.
  • Customization: By using attractive colors and designs, it is more likely onlookers will stop and take notice of the banner. As they are extremely customizable, use your business’s branding to create a unique and specialized custom banner.