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Environmental Graphics in Edmonton

Environmental graphics are visual pieces used to enhance the user experience of a physical space by using different types of signage. They can be used to provide information, create a sense of identity, improve navigation, and create a specific atmosphere.

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What Are Environmental Graphics?

This type of office design is used to enhance a space visually by communicating important information and creating a positive atmosphere. These graphics can include a variety of visual elements, such as signage, wayfinding systems, murals, digital displays, and architectural graphics.

The goal is to enhance the experience of people who use a space, whether it’s a public space, workplace, or retail environment. They can be used to provide information, create a sense of identity or place, and improve navigation and wayfinding. They can also be used to create a specific mood or atmosphere, such as a calming environment in a healthcare facility or an energizing atmosphere in a gym.

They often involve collaboration between office interior designers, architects, and other stakeholders to create a cohesive visual look that enhances the user experience.

Type of Environmental Graphics

There are several types that can be used to enhance modern office designs, including: 

  • Signage: This includes wayfinding signs, directories, and informational signs that provide directions, information, and guidance to users of a space.
  • Murals and Graphics: These can include painted or printed murals, wall graphics, and window graphics that add colour and visual interest to a space.
  • Digital Displays: Digital displays are a dynamic way to share information and create an interactive experience for users.
  • Architectural Graphics: These are integrated into the design of a building, such as textured or patterned walls or floors.
  • Branding and Identity Graphics: Logos or typography that creates a visual identity for a space that can help to reinforce a brand’s message and values.

Since there are so many kinds of graphics, it’s impossible to give an accurate cost of environmental signs without knowing all the details of your project. Once we find out more about the size, design, and installation requirements, we’ll be able to provide you with a quote.

Use of Environmental Signs

Corporate office branding has many uses and advantages such as: 

  • Providing wayfinding and navigation.
  • Informational displays.
  • Elevating your brand and identity.
  • Adding aesthetically pleasing visuals to a space.
  • Can be used for promotional reasons.

Office branding can be used in a variety of ways to improve the functionality and aesthetics of a space, communicate information, and create a memorable and engaging experience for visitors.

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