Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering in Edmonton, AB

If you want an effective way to advertise your business, vinyl lettering is a fantastic option. Whether you have a storefront window with available space, an office, or a vehicle, self-adhesive letters stick to almost any surface. These products take advantage of the space you are not otherwise using to send out your message.

Giving your business recognition by telling people in your community about your business name, location, and what you offer, is crucial to growing your business. Your message doesn’t have to be fancy – the goal is simply to inform and spread awareness.

If you are a business in Edmonton looking for vinyl lettering “near me,” partner with Horizon Sign Solutions. We use high-quality vinyl to ensure the longevity of our projects and meet our client’s goals.

Advantages of Using Vinyl

Vinyl is an easy material to work with. Our letters are laser-cut, giving you options for any font you desire. Custom vinyl lettering offers cost-effective advertising that can handle all weather conditions when installed correctly on your vehicle or storefront windows.


Vinyl is also versatile and can adhere to almost any surface, including windows, walls, floors, or ceilings. If you have a surface in mind for a vinyl decal, remember this: if it is suitable for a sticker, it is also compatible with a vinyl decal.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Vinyl Wall Lettering

Vinyl lettering for walls is a popular choice in offices and retail stores. In an office environment, you can spell out your company’s mission statement on the wall, reminding your employees that their hard work

is appreciated and motivating them in the process. You can also use them in retail stores and restaurants as wayfinding signs, or as a way to advertise products customers may have otherwise walked by.

Use bright colors and a fun font on your custom vinyl lettering to catch people’s eye. We can use a contrasting color with your wall or match your letters with creative vinyl graphics to ensure your advertising gets noticed.

Advertising on the Go

If you are trying to expand and attract new customers, vinyl vehicle lettering is a clever way to let people across Edmonton know who you are. Spreading awareness with vehicle wraps or decals can build new business connections while creating a professional, respectable image.

Precision-Cut to Perfection

All our vinyl lettering is laser cut, giving you perfect edges. Our team is experienced in installing vinyl, and their thorough job prevents premature peeling of your vinyl cut lettering. Our vinyl letter printing and laser cutting process is done by machines powered by the latest technology, giving you crisp edges, vibrant colors, and a glossy finish people can not ignore.