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Custom Wall Lettering in Edmonton

Signage does not have to be overly fancy or complicated to be effective. Some people prefer simple messages because they are straightforward and easier to understand. Custom letters for your wall may be all you need in your lobby or business to make yourself look professional and confident.

If there is one thing we understand at Horizon Sign Solutions, it is knowing when to keep your message simple and when being unique and fancy works better. Wall Letter décor is effective at delivering a concise message and welcoming people into your business.

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What type of signage are you looking for?
floral wall decal at office reception

Professional Wall Lettering Solutions for Businesses

You have many options if you want wall lettering for your business. First, you must decide how you want to present yourself because the material you use will make a difference. For example, wooden letters for walls look rustic, create a cozy atmosphere, and are perfect for a quaint antique shop or a bakery. Conversely, metal letters for your walls show strength and power. This is what you want in the lobby of your manufacturing facility to look robust and reliable.

There is also vinyl wall lettering, which is a great option for cafés, retail stores, and office buildings. Motivate your employees at the office with vinyl lettering that spells out your company’s mission statement or a motivational quote with a deep meaning. It looks impressive in the eyes of visitors because they will see the passion you have for your company.

Expert Wall Lettering Installations in Edmonton

Not only do we manufacture wall lettering from a variety of materials, but we also install it. This ensures our products look their best in your business. Although it is not an overly complicated process, it has to be done correctly; that way, the final product will reflect well on you.

We recommend to all our clients that they let us handle their installations. We have been doing them for years with great success, and if there are any issues along the way, we know how to handle them. Don’t order signs for your business only to skimp on the final part: let us take care of you so the final product looks proper.

Stand Out With Distinct Walls

You can take it one step further and add graphics to have a distinct wall. Vinyl wall decals combined with wall lettering make use of your spaces and create a fun atmosphere in your business. You can advertise products and spread brand awareness around your establishment, all while retaining a professional look.

Custom Wall Lettering in Edmonton