Wall Murals

Best Wall Murals in Edmonton, AB

Are you looking for a creative way to transform your Edmonton business? Stand out from the rest by installing a wall mural.

Murals are a visual form of expression that traditionally uses photos or graphic designs to portray a feeling, meaning, or message. They are becoming increasingly popular in public spaces to create a design statement.

If you’re looking for wall mural installers near you, look no further than Horizon Sign Services in Edmonton. We help out city and the surrounding areas proudly. Our team of professionals understands the impact that wall murals have on a business space and the care that should be taken from design to installation. We will also brainstorm office mural ideas and wallpaper murals with you to find the design that best complements your brand.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Why a Wall Mural?

While they may seem like just a beautiful piece of artwork, there are many uses for wall murals that make them worth so much more.

  • Have a unique space: Capture the attention of each person who walks into your business immediately with an interior wall mural. Say no to boring gray walls and make your business an enjoyable place to be for anyone.
  • Inspire creativity: By adding artwork to your office lobby, you are showing your employees, clients, guests, and customers that you value expression and creativity. It will foster an atmosphere that is fun and innovative, which only benefits your Edmonton business.
  • Build your brand: Use recognizable elements in your decorative wall mural to build your business’s brand. By incorporating images, phrases, and design elements that are familiar, your customers will associate your business with creativity.
  • Advertising: Wallpaper murals can be repurposed for additional advertising materials. Once the design is complete, you can create other promotional materials that tie your brand to the office wallpaper at your physical location.

Types of Wall Murals for Your Business

Here are some examples that you can consider for your Edmonton business: 

  • Vinyl wall murals: Using a durable, flexible vinyl material, this type of mural is one of the most popular options. It is long-lasting, easy to apply and remove, and leaves no residue behind.
  • 3D wall murals: They add extra dimension to your space with a fun illusion. Make a bold statement with this revolutionary signage option and stand out from your competitors.
  • Abstract murals: Picture your business’s empty walls as a blank canvas waiting for you to add color, creativity, and vision. They allow you to explore your brand’s style and creativity.
  • Photography murals: Collect photos and images of your employees, business, or objects of inspiration to create a personal and captivating office wall mural.

The following factors impact the cost of wall murals:

  • Size
  • Customization
  • Level of design
  • Material used
  • Installation requirements

For example, if you were to request a custom wall mural in Edmonton, the cost would be more than a pre-existing mural we have in our design library. If you contact us today, we will be able to offer you a quote for your mural after a brief consultation.