Wall Decals

Wall Graphics and Signs in Edmonton

Is there a wall space in your Edmonton business space that is blank and waiting for a splash of color?

Wall signs are a brilliant way to combine advertising and decoration, which fosters a creative space for employees and customers alike. A business wall graphic is an excellent way to make your business space stand out from your competitors.

Horizon Sign Solutions is the perfect place for wall decal printing in Edmonton, AB. Our team of experts is fully equipped to collaborate with your business and take your uniquely branded decal from design to installation. Revolutionize your space today with beautiful business wall graphics.


What type of signage are you looking for?
floral wall decal at office reception

What is a Wall Decal?

It’s a type of wall sign that is applied to smooth surfaces with the intention of uplifting a space through branding, advertising, and general information.

The material used for decals for your walls is traditionally vinyl, which is versatile and durable. This allows designs to be digitally created and then printed for your Edmonton office. But don’t worry, we also do projects for businesses outside the city!

Office Wall Decals

Vinyl wall decals are a simple, yet creative way to transform your office space into an inspirational atmosphere. Consider having motivational quotes in meeting rooms or board rooms to encourage employees to strive for excellence or show clients your company’s driven spirit. For common work areas, source wall decals near you to display your business’s mission statement, history, and values.

While the overall concept remains the same, each type of wall decal serves its own purpose in a business. Determining what you want to communicate visually is step one. We’ll help with the rest!

word cloud wall graphics on office wall
quote on office wall

Uses for Wall Decals

Decals for your wall can be used in your lobby, meeting rooms, common work areas, reception area, and many other spaces. Each location provides the opportunity to speak to your employees, clients, and guests in a visual way. Using a wall decals in Edmonton are truly always a good idea.

A picture is worth a thousand words, which makes using custom wall graphics in your Edmonton business cost-effective and transformative. Consider adding a logo wall decal to your lobby to introduce your brand to each individual that enters the building. Inform your guests and customers about promotions or products that you’re offering with informative, yet eye-catching vinyl wall graphics.


It depends on the material that is being used and the size of the decal. As wall decal designs are made digitally, the level of graphic complexity plays a role in determining cost as well. Contact our team for an estimate.