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Professional Fleet Wraps in Edmonton, AB

A fast and easy way to get exposure for your business is by using fleet wraps. A single vehicle wrap makes between 30,000-80,000 impressions daily; multiply that by the number of vehicles you have in your fleet, and you are making millions of impressions a week! The more impressions you make, the more you reinforce your brand while attracting a new audience.

At Horizon Sign Solutions, we help businesses make impressions that matter. When you use high-quality signage and vehicle wraps with eye-catching designs, you are giving yourself the best chance for success. And we want to be part of your success journey!

Contact us to talk to a sign expert about fleet wraps and graphics and how you can use them in your business.


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Why Fleet Wraps Are Essential for Effective Advertising

Nothing is handed to you in the business world; you need to go out there and take what is yours. Advertising is the only way to make a name for yourself in the community and beyond. When you use commercial fleet wraps, you are extending your reach much further than the local community. Every time one of your vehicles is on the highway, advertising your business, you invite people from neighbouring cities to check out your business.

Fleet wrap graphics make first impressions, but they also make repeated impressions, which are crucial for growth. People see your business and may not need your product or services upon first viewing your vehicle or truck wrap, but down the road, they might need what you are selling. By reminding them of your business, you pique their interest.

Custom Fleet Wrap Solutions for Every Business

The best way to separate yourself from your competitors is by being true to yourself and being uniquely you. We believe in providing companies with custom fleet graphics that align with their company image and that attract attention. Remember, the name of the game is getting eyes on your advertising, so try something different to excite people.

Stand Out From The Competition

One thing you can try is adding an interactive element, such as a QR code that links to your website. From there, you can bring your customers through a sales funnel that ends with them buying your products. You can also try having a flashy design with bright, bold colours or even a 3D graphic design. 3D graphics are a guaranteed way to get noticed, and we know how to properly design 3D graphics that turn heads.


There are tons of ways you can stand out in the crowd; all you must do is give us a call to find out.

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