Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs in Edmonton

Have you ever been driving on a highway and one of the tall, freestanding signs caught your eye? A quick slogan or attractive logo is all that is needed to hold your attention for a couple of seconds and pique your curiosity about what you saw. This is the benefit of a pylon sign.


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What is a Pylon Sign?

They are freestanding signs, between 20 and 80 feet high, that are supported by one or two poles. They are commonly made with an aluminum or steel frame, which makes them durable and resistant to all kinds of weather. Their height and size garner attention from onlookers, as they are designed to catch attention from great distances. 

Adding pylon signs in Edmonton, AB to your business’s marketing strategy will boost your sales by attracting potential customers you didn’t even know you had. We, at Horizon Sign Solutions, aim to support your business by creating commercial pylon signs that accurately represent your brand.

Types of Pylon Signs

Choosing the right pylon sign for your Edmonton business is crucial to make sure it is effective in boosting your sales. While there are various kinds of pylon signs, there are traits that can be customized to increase their effectiveness. 

Here are examples of pylon signs that are available to you:

  • Single-pole mount: As indicated in the title, one pole is used to support the sign.
  • Twin-pole mount: As indicated in the title, two poles are used to support the sign.
  • Covered-pole mount: You can customize your pylon sign to cover the poles that are used to stabilize it.
  • Customized lightbox pylon signs: The lightbox allows one or more than one sign to be illuminated at night. This type of sign is common in malls or complexes that advertise more than one business.

Illumination is an important decision associated with custom pylon signs. If your business is only open during the day, illuminating your pylon signs is not likely needed. However, if your business is open after dark, an illuminated pylon sign would be beneficial to draw attention to it 24/7.

The cost of pylon signs varies based on the type, material, customization, size, and illumination. They are more expensive up front in comparison to other signage solutions. However, they have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years, which makes them less expensive in the long term.

Uses for Pylon Signs

There are many benefits to installing a pylon sign for your business, including but not limited to: 

  • Visibility: Their height and size make it difficult not to see your company’s name, logo, or slogan. Also known as “highway signs,” these commercial signs are popular for being seen by people driving on highways and walking on the street. The higher the visibility, the more attention your business will receive.
  • Attractiveness: It is beneficial to think of them as large canvases, as their size allows room for artistic creativity. The design on your pylon sign can be intricate, informative, and aesthetic, as there is a lot of room to work with.
  • Location: This outdoor sign can target areas that would otherwise be inaccessible for other traditional signage. Depending on the visibility of your business’s location, your pylon sign will give your brand the attention it needs to thrive.