Wayfinding/Directional Signs

Wayfinding Signs in Edmonton

Are you ever in a business and can’t seem to find your way around? Do you look for some kind of signage to assist you, only for it to be non-existent?

Wayfinding signage is a small but crucial detail for businesses. It provides clear instructions that can be understood by anyone who enters your business. Whether locating the bathroom, an important meeting room, or the building for a delivery, your employees, customers, clients, and guests appreciate being guided to their desired location instead of roaming aimlessly.

Horizon understands the value of time and productivity at a business, especially when it comes to getting your office directional signs. As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on the efficiency and effectiveness of our business, just as we know you value yours. Our team of sign solution experts wants to guide you to success by ensuring your directional signage is clear, compelling, and consistent.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Types of Directional Signs

Two subcategories of this type of sign are exterior and interior. The main difference between these two subcategories is their location at a business. Exterior wayfinding signs are found outside of the business, either close to or far away from the business’s location to generate interest, curiosity, and brand recall. Interior directional signs are located within the business to generate productivity and efficiency for employees, clients, and customers by easily navigating the building.

Here are specific kinds of directional signs that may benefit your Edmonton business:

  • Directional arrows
  • Real estate directional signs
  • Office signs
  • Directories
  • ADA signs
  • Event directional signs
  • Restroom directional signs

The cost of directional signs is dependent on the type of sign and customization desired. Customization can be seen in the size, shape, color, material, and location of the signage. The benefit of customizing is that your brand can be accurately represented, which leads to recognition by onlookers who are familiar with your business. It also prevents any similarities with other competing businesses, offering you a valuable competitive edge.

Custom-made wayfinding signs by Horizon Sign Solutions

When to Use Directional Signage

We believe that directional signage is a must-have for all businesses. However, how do you know where and when you’re supposed to use them? Great question!

Imagine you’re hosting an event in Edmonton for clients with the hopes of earning their business. Your client’s experience at your business location is crucial to building rapport with them and gaining their trust that your business should be their top choice. Your clients arrive and are ushered in by a beautiful directional arrow sign. They enter your lobby and use the directory to quickly locate the meeting room you’re using for the event. Custom directional signs are placed outside of the meeting room, so your clients can confidently open the door and walk inside.

While these details seem small, taking the time to improve your customers’ journey goes a long way when fostering new relationships and building customer trust and loyalty for your business.