Business Signs

Business Signs in Edmonton

Are you looking for the perfect business signage for your Edmonton business?

Signs are everywhere. They are constantly seen by consumers, which makes them both effective and overwhelming. As a business owner, it is your job to use signage that stands out to potential customers and boosts your sales. 

You are the expert for your business, and at Horizon Sign Solutions, we are the experts of business signs near you. We promise to work collaboratively with you to create your Edmonton business signs that complement your brand and communicate effectively with your target audience. If you’re outside the city, don’t worry about a thing. We also service many areas outside Edmonton’s city, and even further away from the surrounding areas. Give us a call so we can help you.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Uses of Business Signs

Business signs are your company’s presence in your community and marketplace. They are the first advertising element to interact with potential customers making them responsible for first impressions. They decide whether an individual stops and walks through your front doors or whether they walk right by. 

While there are endless uses for business signs, here are our top contenders:

  • Visibility: The success of your business is dependent on whether people are aware of you. Signs create a presence that makes your brand visible, which helps boost your sales.
  • Brand recall: When you create commercial signs that consistently uses your branding, customers will become familiar with your business. This helps build brand recall and customer rapport, which could impact a customer’s decision to come to you or a competitor.
  • Customization: Custom business signs ensure that your business stands out from the hundreds of other signs that customers interact with on a daily basis. Almost any element of asign can be customized to represent your brand. The sky is the limit so imagine beyond your Horizon.

Types of Business Signs

There are a multitude of different corporate signs imaginable, and each kind plays a different role in a business’s marketing strategy. 

When deciding on signage for your Edmonton business, the first step is knowing what you want your signage to achieve. The next step is then choosing the perfect exterior or interior sign to fulfill these goals. At Horizon Sign Solutions, we are ready to help your business take each step confidently.

Here are examples of exterior business signs that we have to offer:

  • Pylon signs
  • Storefront signs
  • Channel letters
  • LED signs
  • Window graphics
  • Yard signs
  • Custom signs

And here are examples of interior business signs we can create:

  • ACA/ADA signs
  • Washroom signs
  • Lobby signs
  • Directories
  • Wall murals
  • Door signs
  • Custom signs

If you’re wondering about the cost of business signs, it is important to know factors, such as size, shape, type of sign, and level of customization, influence the investment required. We are happy to discuss what you’re looking for and provide a quote.