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Interior Signs in Edmonton

Is the inside of your Edmonton business set up for success with interior office signs?

Some business owners believe outdoor signage is what draws customers into the building, and thus they must be the most important signage for a business. These people are correct, yet interior business signs are equally as important. From providing directions to making customers feel welcome, indoor signage is essential to making your business successful.

How do I find an interior sign maker in Edmonton then, you ask? Horizon, our full-service sign company, is happy to offer you high-quality signs made from durable materials that will keep your sign standing proudly. We understand the significance of signs and their impact on your business’s brand, which is why our processes are collaborative. We want your input, guidance, and feedback, so we can make you the right sign for your Edmonton business. 


What type of signage are you looking for?
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What is Interior Signage?

They are any kind of sign that is installed inside your business, from directories to wall murals to emergency exit signs. Typically, indoor signs provide directions to your employees, clients, guests, and customers, foster a welcoming atmosphere, and display your business’s branding. 

Each business industry requires different interior signage, yet the customization and branding of these signs are determined by you. While indoor signage can seem minimal, the overall impact it has on your business is tremendous, so it should not be handled lightly. These signs run your business while you’re not there!

Cost of Interior Signs

The cost is dependent on the material, level of customization, and type of indoor sign. Within our consultation process, we will discuss what your business objectives are and what kind of signs will work to best accomplish them with your marketing budget. This ensures that you receive beautiful signs that encompass your brand and remain within a reasonable budget. 

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