Floor Graphics

Floor Decals & Signs in Edmonton, AB

So many businesses keep their floor space dull and empty so as not to overwhelm customers who enter their store. What these businesses don’t know is that floor graphics can be used in such a way that adds to a customer’s journey with your business. Guide your customers to specific areas, tell them about promotions that are taking place, and immerse them in the space with your designs. 

Our team of sign experts at Horizon Sign Solutions will help you determine how floor graphics will best fit your branding and accomplish business objectives. We know how important advertising is, and our goal is to innovate signage solutions to make you stand out from the rest.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Types of Floor Graphics

The different kinds of floor graphics can be classified in two different ways: names of floor decals and the materials used for them. As both categories are essential in understanding what custom floor signs are best for your business, we have included them both. 

Here are the names of different floor graphics and how your business can use them to your benefit:

  • Wayfinding graphics: Improve navigation, building directions, and overall comprehension with wayfinding floor decals.
  • Point of sales graphics: Boost sales by highlighting a recent promotion or product. You can even use wayfinding signs to point customers in the right direction!
  • Full coverage: Stand out from competitors by covering the entire floor space with a custom floor decal. Create an immersive design to engage customers of all ages.

Here are the most common materials that are used to create floor decals and how to decide which to use:

  • Vinyl floor signs: These are plastic, cloth, or ceramic substrates that are great options for indoor, traditionally small-sized custom floor stickers. This material is excellent for areas of large footfall, as they are durable and able to withstand constant tread.
  • Foil-based floor graphics: This material has gained popularity quickly, as it is PVC and recyclable. Being gentle on the environment and very malleable, they are a great option for outdoor areas.
  • Printed lino flooring: If you’re looking for a larger floor graphic with a thicker material, lino flooring is the option for you! As it is a popular option for tradeshows and conferences, it is a removable floor graphic

Uses for Floor Graphics

The floor can be easily overlooked in any business space, which is why it is the perfect space to transform into an advertising opportunity. The advertising possibilities for custom floor graphics are endless, and the benefits follow suit. We have outlined the most significant uses for your Edmonton business below: 

  • Brighten the space: While the floor is usually kept empty in most businesses, the floor is left dull. Breathe life into the space with colored floor decals that embody your business’s brand and personality.
  • Eliminate crowding: Instead of using promotional banners and stands and risking unnecessary clutter in your business, keep the space clean and airy with vinyl floor decals. Continue advertising without losing precious space.
  • Keep your customers safe: Customize your floor graphics to include a non-slip surface. Do what you can to prevent any trips or slips, while also making the space creative and fun.