Bathroom Signs

Restroom Signs in Edmonton

Have you ever been in an unfamiliar, Edmonton business and really had to go, but you could not find the bathroom sign near you? Having clearly displayed, easily understood restroom signs are important to employees, guests, customers, and clients alike.

Everyone must visit the restroom eventually, so help make the process of finding it simple and straight forward. We believe in creating visual communication at Horizon Sign Solutions that complements a business’s brand and achieves their objectives. Bathroom signs have one clear purpose, and we are here to help make it even clearer.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Types of Bathroom Signs

While we have established the overall goal for office bathroom signs, there are many types of signs that can accomplish the same goal in numerous ways.

Here are several types of bathroom signs available to you: 

  • ADA restroom signs: This sign enables accessibility for all individuals to locate the restroom, regardless of any visual or cognitive disabilities or language barriers.
  • Directional signs: If you’re not located near a bathroom, these signs will guide you to the nearest location. These signs make navigation efficient and seamless, instead of frustrating.
  • Bathroom door signs: Whether a ladies, men, or unisex bathroom sign, ensuring clear visual and written communication is important to distinguish between these types.
  • All gender bathroom signs: Becoming more popular in an office, all gender bathrooms can be advertised in unique and creative ways to promote inclusivity.
  • Wall murals: By adding customization to the walls inside a bathroom, you will create a unique experience for anyone who uses it. Incorporate your branding into the design to tie the entire building experience together.

The cost of bathroom signs is dependent on the type of sign being requested, size, shape, customization, and material being used. For a quote, reach out to Horizon Sign Solutions today.

Uses of Bathroom Signs

We all know why having bathrooms is important, but it is also crucial to know why having custom bathroom signs is equally as important. 

  • Navigation: Signs like wayfinding and directional signs help anyone find their way around to the nearest bathroom. This helps make their user experience more efficient and positive.
  • Accessibility: For individuals with certain impairments or that have a language barrier, ADA signs are essential. Creating a welcoming and accessible space ensures that any person who uses the facilities is accommodated.
  • Attractiveness: If this signage is attractive and eye-catching, it is less likely for someone to miss seeing it. Also, if all your signage is attuned to your business’s branding, it will show consistency, creating a seamless experience for all individuals.