Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps in Edmonton, AB

Are you considering vehicle wraps for your company’s business vehicles but not sure if it’s the best decision? Once you start learning about custom vehicle wraps, you’ll quickly realize they are an excellent strategy to optimize marketing. Turning to a vehicle wrap shop in Edmonton is always the best way to ensure you get quality signage that will help your marketing strategy.


What type of signage are you looking for?
Vehicle Wraps in Edmonton - A Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

What are Vehicle Wraps?

They are customized vehicle graphics that showcase a business’s brand in a mobile fashion. By covering either the entirety of a vehicle or specific visible areas, the vehicle becomes a moving sign that expands a company’s marketing presence.

Why Wrap?

Every marketing decision is an important one, so it is essential to understand the benefits a signage solution will offer your Edmonton business. Here are some reasons why you should be seeking out a vinyl wrap shop in Edmonton: 

  • Brand awareness: Almost all signs are static, which makes selecting locations crucial for a business’s success. Edmonton vehicle wraps means that wherever the vehicle ventures, so does your advertisement. Widen your target audience to other cities or states with vehicle wraps.
  • Protect your vehicles: Did you know that vehicle wraps protect the car paint underneath from abrasions and scratches? With a commercial vehicle wrap, your company vehicles will continue looking new for much longer.
  • Durability: Vinyl car wraps are extremely durable, which makes them long-lasting. Their lifespan varies based on how well kept they are and the weather conditions they experience. However, a little TLC from your drivers goes a long way!
  • Make the road more beautiful: With a wide degree of customization, vehicle wraps are a great way to give your vehicles a new appearance. Our vinyl wrap specialists will help you create an eye-catching, yet informative design that’s ready to hit the road.

Consider This When Seeking Out Vinyl Wraps Near You

There are so many decisions that go into creating a perfect sign, let alone a sign that is constantly moving and thus always advertising. Consider the below factors when designing your auto wraps: 

  • Material selection: When you know the weather the vehicle will experience, choosing the right material will be simple. Our custom vinyl wraps are high-quality that way we can ensure that you have the best possible signage.
  • Installation equipment: To install car wraps, the proper equipment must be used to make them long-lasting. At Horizon Sign Solutions, we are ready to install beautiful, high-quality car wraps in Edmonton with seamless execution.
  • Right Design: The right design includes your business name, slogan, logo, and any information that onlookers should have access to, such as contact information. The best design finds a unique way to present all this information in a way that is attractive and easily remembered.

Types of Vehicle Wraps

Here are a few kinds of vehicle wraps that you should consider: 

  • Full vehicle wrap
  • Partial vehicle wrap
  • Fleet vehicle branding
  • Auto wraps
  • Vehicle decals

Cost of Vehicle Wraps

The cost of vehicle wraps in Edmonton varies based on the level of customization, including but not limited to, size, color, design, and shape. However, regardless of customization, vehicle wraps are proven to be the least expensive sign solution available. 

This is because your Edmonton business invests once for up to five years of use. To break this down further, if you divide the total cost by the number of days in five years, you’re paying next to nothing in comparison to other kinds of signage.

For a quote on custom auto wraps in Edmonton, visit a vehicle wrap shop today, such as Horizon Sign Solutions.

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