Door Signs

Office Door Signs in Edmonton, AB

What do your doors say about your business? While doors are the basic entranceway that customers walk through to enter your business, they are also the one employee that never stops working. Hanging door signs keep customers informed when you are open, while office signs direct employees and clients easily around your building.

Custom door signs serve many purposes, but the crucial purpose is to communicate their purpose clearly and simply to anyone who may read it.

Horizon Sign Solutions believes that Edmonton businesses will take their storefront or office presence to the next level with door signs. We will help you tailor your customers’ journey to your business with door signs, which will show them that the little details do matter.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Types of Door Signs

Your business model, location, and level of communication are all factors in deciding the right door sign for you. 

Here are a few examples that you can select from for your Edmonton business:

  • Office door signs: Ensure your clients, employees, and guests can move through your building seamlessly by giving them the confidence to walk through the correct door each time.
  • ADA signs, or the American Disabilities Act: Signage that is conveniently placed and easy to read, both visually and through physical touch.
  • Vinyl door graphics: A durable material that can be used as permanent signage, such as door signs, or for temporary, promotional content.
  • Home office door signs: Work from home is a popular work option after the pandemic, but it can cause a lack of boundaries between home and work. Separate your workspace from your personal space with a beautiful office sign.

Each door sign, especially those that are customized, requires a different type of investment. The cost of door signs is dependent on factors such as shape, size, customization, and material.

Uses of Door Signs

While door signs provide the obvious use of labelling what lies beyond the door, there are so many additional uses that would greatly benefit your business: 

  • Promote your business in a noticeable way: Discard the standard sign and add a dash of creativity to your business with a custom vinyl door sign. Customize the color, shape, and design of it to show your business’s personality.
  • Disguise a door: Create a compelling illusion by decorating a door with an image of something different, such as a bookshelf or a curtain.
  • Find additional purposes: A door provides solitude, but it can also provide advertising or privacy. Add etched glass film or a decal to maximize a door’s purpose.
  • Never get lost: Whether a new employee learning about the building or a client trying to find a meeting room, make it easy and fun to navigate your building with interior door signs. Be attentive to the small details and positively impact someone’s journey.