Choosing the Right Edmonton Sign Company to Brighten Your Business

Researching sign shops in Edmonton to discover your next signage partner can be a daunting task. The majority of sign companies offer good-quality sign solutions that can benefit your business. However, not all companies are created equal, which means finding the right signage company for your unique needs is essential.

At Horizon Sign Solutions, we approach business with transparency and integrity, which includes giving our clients the necessary support to pick the right sign shop in Edmonton for them. In this blog, we will outline the actions you can take to identify the right Edmonton signage company to handle any signage needs you may have.

How to Find the Right Sign Shop in Edmonton

For your research of sign shops in Edmonton, the following elements are what you should be looking for to ensure you receive a positive experience and an even better product.

Reviews Are a Tell-All Online reviews can be a valuable tool when comparing sign shops in Edmonton. They offer insight into a customer’s experience, the quality of the product they received, and their opinions on working with the company in the future. Looking through the comments can be a productive use of time, however, it is

important to read them with a grain of salt. Unsatisfied customer reviews are possible, but it doesn’t mean that this is the entire representation of the business; take note of the elements that customers were unhappy with and keep it in mind when speaking with a representative about your signage project.

Set Up a Consultation

Having a one-on-one meeting with a representative from a custom sign shop in Edmonton can give you a feel for how the business operates. If they are kind, respectful, informative, and curious, these are all great signs that they take their business seriously and are ready to engage with you about your signage project. If they are unable to answer questions, don’t provide insight into the signage process, and cannot offer specifics on turnaround times, services, and quotes, these are all red flags that should be noted.

Look at Their Past Projects

An essential stage in the research process is looking at the portfolio of each sign shop in Edmonton that you’re considering. If they have completed previous projects of sign solutions that you’re interested in or have high-quality projects, these are great indications of a top-notch company. If you don’t like what you see, it’s simple to cross the company off your list of potentials.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Marketing Campaign?

If you are researching sign shops in Edmonton for an upcoming project, consider Horizon Sign Solutions. Follow our recommendations above to discover what we can do for you. Our focus is on providing top-notch customer service and captivating signage that caters to your unique needs. Contact us at (587) 409-8989 to book a consultation where we can educate you on how a well-respected sign company operates.




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