Why Building Signage is Vital for Commercial Buildings

You have probably seen many building signs but have any ever truly captured your attention? Business owners must understand that commercial building signage is the first line of communication with potential customers passing their building. They are lead generators, and with a proper signage system, you can turn your building into a lead-generating machine!

At Horizon Sign Solutions, we have been tasked with designing many building signs in Edmonton in the past and are masters at dealing with any complications that come up. Our mission is to get your outdoor building signs up quickly and safely so you can start attracting more customers! For more information on our products and services, message us or call us at (587) 409-8989.

What Makes Building Signs in Edmonton Ineffective

Most companies will make promises to the moon and back about what you can achieve by building signs in Edmonton. But take one look around the city and see what types of signs catch your attention. Do you think McDonald’s needs to work with graphic designers from a local sign company? Of course not, they already have a franchise design they must follow.

What makes building signs in Edmonton ineffective is poor design or faulty materials. If your sign requires an illumination system, you need a business on call that specializes in sign repair. Many businesses don’t address this, letting their signs fall apart or fade. Outdoor business building signs are your first impression on potential customers, so make sure they represent you in a desirable way!

What Makes Signage Effective

There are several things that make signage effective including:

· Creative designs that capture attention

· Consistent branding throughout your signage system

· Clear messages that transcend cultures, so everyone can understand

· Placement that capitalizes on visibility

· Quality materials and on-call maintenance

While it may seem obvious to acknowledge that building signs in Edmonton need to be unique to be effective, there is much depth to this uniqueness. It is critical to work with design experts who are trained and understand what type of unique design will align with your brand. Our graphic designers are more than happy to show you what they can do with their portfolio of work.

Enhance Your Brand Image

When installing building signs in Edmonton, you need to stand out among your competition. The best way to do this is by establishing your brand vision with signage that is cohesive both outside and inside your establishment.

Commercial building signage should be the beginning of a consistent signage collection. It would negatively impact your business if you had high-quality, creative signs outside and less impactful, different signage inside. As a full-service sign company, we can handle both interior and exterior signage, leaving you with a signage system you are proud of!

Call to Book a Consultation Today

If you are ready to devise an impactful signage system for your business, that includes attractive building signs in Edmonton, give us a call. We have helped many businesses in the city and the surrounding area establish themselves with custom signage. Call us at (587) 409-8989 or message us to book a consultation and discover how fantastic your building can look with Horizon Sign Solutions handling your next signage project.




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