Decoding the Essential Factors for Optimal Size in Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are a fantastic way to greet people at your business’s entrance or outside as a storefront channel letter sign. To get the best results, you need letters that can be seen from a distance but that are also under building codes. To understand the best size for your dimensional letter sign, signage experts need to know where you want to put your letters and any zoning or building restrictions.

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Considerations for Your Dimensional Letter Signs

Before going any further with your sign project, consider the following:

Building Code and Zoning Restrictions

It is essential to know if there is a size limit when installing signage in your building. There are often zoning restrictions for outdoor signage and size restrictions on indoor signage to comply with building codes. These codes ensure that everything inside and outside the building is safe.

The structural integrity of your dimensional letters is paramount, so everything must be designed and secured to optimize safety. This includes calculations for wind load resistance and other outdoor factors. There may also be limits to ensure your sign does not overwhelm the surrounding environment or block another business’s signage.


The most common dimensional letter signs people use outside their business are channel letters. Channel letters are lit up from different angles to create an eye-catching effect for your business. Backlit dimensional letters, for example, create a warm, inviting effect that can make your storefront stand out and can help set the mood for customers who enter your business. Your lighting design could impact the size of your dimensional letters, so it is best to consult a professional sign maker.


Along with lighting, font, and spacing, the size of your letters influences their legibility. If someone drives by your storefront quickly and your letters are too small, people may not notice your business name. That’s why teaming up with an expert sign maker is crucial. They will ensure your dimensional letters are the correct size to be seen and read by potential customers.

Complement Your Business’s Interior Decor

If you want illuminated 3D letters or logos in your lobby, having something too big may take away from other elements of your decor. Conversely, if you want your signage to be professional and minimalistic, but choose something too small, it may not have the ‘wow’ factor you were aiming for. Your lobby signage is important to creating a lasting first impression that can enforce your branding, and selecting the right size can make a big difference.

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Signage That Fits Perfectly in Your Business

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