Choosing the Right Lobby Sign for Your Edmonton Business

Lobby signs are an easy way to enhance your business image immediately. Think about what a custom lobby sign is; it is a way to greet guests when they enter your building. It acts as an opener, like a handshake. With the right signage, you can give every individual who enters a firm handshake that will secure your business together!

At Horizon Sign Solutions, we have worked with many businesses in and around Edmonton, AB, helping them implement new signage systems that provide better customer engagement. We understand how to use signage to its fullest potential, so you can start attracting new business. Contact us to talk to a signage specialist about our methods or to book a free consultation.

Lobby Signs: Give Them a Welcome They Won’t Forget

Starting off on the right foot is crucial in business. Part of this includes having lobby signs that align with your branding. They must be made from high-quality materials because the quality of your signage directly impacts the way clients perceive the quality of your business.

Don’t give them a reason to doubt your ability as a professional. Consider what you would expect from a professional company if they were doing business with you, and then implement the characteristics you would be impressed to see within your own company. Lead by example and watch your customer base grow in size and loyalty.

Custom Reception Sign

We believe that a personalized touch makes all the difference when it comes to outfitting a business with signage. In a saturated market, businesses must lean into their uniqueness to set themselves apart from their competitors and attract customers with more than just products or services.

Professional custom signage in your reception area is an excellent start. This is not to say business owners should find the most eccentric, one-of-a-kind signage that is guaranteed to make an impression on customers, employees, and guests alike; a truly unique custom reception area sign elevates your atmosphere, reflects your brand, and contributes to the customer experience.

For example, backlit lobby signs create a warm and comforting environment, which is excellent if customers have to wait in your reception area before being seen. Moreover, digital reception signs can help your business look cutting-edge and modern, increasing your reputation if these qualities are essential to your business model.

Create an Office That People Trust

By building a welcoming environment in your lobby with office lobby signs, you set the tone for your client’s entire visit. Introduce yourself to your clients with a key part of your cohesive business signage collection. This is the best way to establish your branding and make your entire office look professional and competent.

Partner with the Right Sign Shop to Make Lasting Impressions

Ready to learn more about how to make positive impressions with lobby signs? Want to discuss how Horizon Signs Solutions can help you elevate your signage system? Give Horizon Sign Solutions a call today.

Our mission is to support our clients with high-quality, impactful signs and educate them on how to optimize the signs within their offices or buildings. Don’t put your project off any longer. Call us at (587) 409-8989 to request a quote and discover how to transform your lobby environment with exceptional custom lobby signs.




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