How Do Monument Signs Differ From Other Types of Outdoor Signage?

One of the most prestigious and elegant signs you can have in front of your business is a monument sign. There are many different types of signs that you can use to advertise your business, and each has different pros and cons, along with different purposes. The design you pick for your signage should also align with your business’s image, and depending on what you envision, you may require a specific type of sign to bring that style to life.

At Horizon Sign Solutions, we are experts at identifying the best uses of signage to create a product that fulfills our customers’ needs. We know the different purposes of signage in terms of functionality and how we can implement designs that work to achieve our customers’ goals.

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How Does a Monument Sign Compare to a Pylon Sign?

When it comes to comparing monument signs to other types of exterior signage, it makes sense to focus on one of the most popular options: pylon signs.

The main difference between a monument sign and a pylon sign is their height. Monument signs are lower to the ground, standing around five feet tall. Pylon signs are much taller and are usually 20 feet tall or more to get visibility from a distance.

Monument signs have wide bases, and in a lot of cases, they are wider than they are tall, whereas a pylon sign is designed specifically to hang over the heads of passersby. Pylon signs often have a base that consists of one of two poles that support a sign face. Most monument signs are built with a foundation of durable materials, such as a brick monument sign, and are designed to enhance your storefront appearance, welcome visitors, and become landmarks in the community. Business owners often want custom monument signs with designs that enforce their branding, which is one of our specialties.

Add a Modern Touch to Your Monument Sign

Even though monument signs differ from other outdoor signs like pylon signs, they are versatile communication tools. There are ways to add a contemporary touch to your monument signs to enhance their classic elegance, including:

LED Monument Signs

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve visibility for your sign is by adding illumination. LED lights can improve the aesthetic appeal and vastly increase visibility for your signage after dark.

Electronic Monument Signs

Adding a digital sign board to your monument sign gives you the power to change your message and experiment with your marketing. You can advertise seasonal sales and events and connect with your local market by displaying messages about what is happening in the community or by partnering with another local business.

These contemporary options can be discussed in further detail when you book a consultation with one of our signage specialists.

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