“Ensuring Public Safety: The Compliance of Metal Signs with Essential Guidelines”

In any business, keeping the public safe should be your number one priority. A small mistake regarding safety can have a serious impact on your business, which is why preventative measures must be taken to ensure all parties are safe and secure. are a savior because they meet regulatory standards for a variety of circumstances and offer high visibility and durability.

At Horizon Sign Solutions, we recommend using metal signs in public places to meet all your safety signage requirements.

With custom metal signs, you can explore the various signage options available to fulfill your specific business needs. Utilizing the versatility of this signage solution, we will help you design any metal sign, from custom metal logo signs to interior metal office signs, that effectively enhance your brand presence. In this blog, learn more about the types of metal signs available and how they assist with keeping public spaces safe for all.

Metal Signs in Warehouses and Factories

With safety signage, durability is key. The longevity of a sign is imperative to the safety and security of passersby and employees, which is why metal is an excellent signage material. With high-quality, long-lasting signs, it is less likely for an individual to get injured or experience an accidental incident.

Specific materials used for signage can fade or become hard to read over time, but an engraved metal sign prevents these challenges from occurring. In addition, adding a color contrast can improve visibility, which ensures all parties can see the safety signs and act accordingly.

Compared to signs made of weaker materials, metal signs are resistant to impact, which makes them perfect for industrial settings—another reason you can count on using metal signs in warehouses and factories.

Maximize Visibility by Keeping the Dust Away

Aluminum signage is manufactured with a clear coating finish that prevents dust particles from settling onto its surface. This is ideal for industrial environments like warehouses and factories where signs made of non-metallic materials may easily become covered in dust. This can cause visibility issues, meaning people are not able to see or read displayed warnings, which poses a risk to the safety of passersby, employees, and visitors.

Weather-Resistant Outdoor Signage Metal signs are also an excellent option outdoors. “No Parking” signs, “Do Not Enter” signs, “Road Work Ahead” signs, and “High-Voltage” signs play a crucial role in keeping the public alert and your business safe from accidental mishaps. Many construction companies in Edmonton trust metal-signs to provide the right communication and count on Horizon Sign Solutions to deliver these desired products. Other Common Uses of Metal Signage

As mentioned, the use of metal signage goes beyond safety-compliant signs. Personalized metal signs, installed in the lobby of your office space, greet customers with confidence and elegance, making a powerful first impression.

Metal letters can also be used outdoors for address signs or indoors as identification signs. Given the versatility of metal signs, they can be used for multiple aspects of your business signage system, giving your business a professional and uniform look.

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