Unlocking Retail Success: A Comprehensive Guide on Utilizing Floor Graphics to Elevate Customer Experience and Boost Engagement

An underutilized advertising tactic is using floor decals and signs in retail stores. The reason they are so effective is that many individuals look down while walking by stores, which provides floor decals with the opportunity to capture attention uniquely. Signs and decals are commonly used on walls, so if you’re looking for an exciting way to engage customers, custom floor signs are the perfect choice.

At Horizon Sign Solutions, we understand the best practices for using signage. We have educated many businesses in Edmonton, AB, on ways to use floor signs and graphics to engage with their customers. We are excited to share our industry expertise with you too!

To learn more about our custom sign solutions and how you can use signs to create an engaging environment in your business, message us and our signage specialist will assist you.

Floor Graphics That Engage with Customers

Here are a few ways you can use custom floor graphics to engage with your customers and drive sales:

Enhance Product Awareness

Floor graphics, placed in front of a product display, enhance awareness. If people are looking down at their phones or paying attention to their children, they may walk by a product without noticing it. Floor graphics prevent this from happening, which adds awareness to a product and potentially influences more sales.

From your customers’ point of view, vinyl floor signs are eye-catching and visible, which causes them to stop and become aware of what it is advertising; they are more effective at capturing attention and generating product awareness than products on a shelf.

This sign solution ensures that businesses take advantage of all windows of opportunity. Moreover, noticing a floor sign may help them remember a product location or motivate them to explore other products in the store, which will in turn boost sales and customer engagement.

Create Exciting Experiences

You can use floor graphics to interact with specific audiences, such as using footprints with mysterious messages that lead to products for children. You can also use specific designs to capture the attention of targeted customers; but who wouldn’t take notice of 3D floor graphics? They are a visual experience that people of all ages love.

For more interactive engagement, consider adding a link to social media platforms or a QR code to your website. Even if people are unable to visit your store or decide not to purchase at the moment, this interaction gives you a better chance of people remembering your business. Whether they save your website on their phones or keep the QR code link for a discounted purchase at a later point, it is a clever way to stay connected with customers in today’s digital culture.

Improve Wayfinding

Wayfinding floor decals, such as arrows pointing to different departments, exits, or bathrooms, can help effortlessly guide people to where they need to go, creating a customer-friendly experience.

Providing customers with a pleasant in-store experience will inspire them to leave positive reviews and spread the word about your business. The ease of finding products makes your customers feel happy and satisfied with your services.

Drive Impulse Buys at the Point of Purchase

Enhancing awareness on a product display in-store is effective, but doing it at the point of purchase can be even more beneficial. This will increase impulse buying because people are enuraged to act fast. It’s easier to say “yes” at the moment than to say “no”! Who wouldn’t be enticed to buy a bag of delicious chips or snacks when they see colorful floor decals advertising their favorite brands?

Take Advantage of Empty Space

Floor graphics use space that is otherwise unoccupied. If you want floor graphics for your Edmonton business and are ready to capitalize on your space, give us a call. We’re excited to design and produce your floor graphics; message us today to get in touch with one of our signage specialists.




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