Ways That Door Signs & Graphics Enhance Branding for a Company or Organization

Regardless of what product or service your business sells, enforcing your branding is a critical step in establishing your company’s image and reputation. While well-established corporations invest large sums in many forms of advertising, other businesses have to find creative ways to do more with less.

Marketing and branding efforts as simple as a door sign can be an effective way to enhance your branding within your budget.

At Horizon Sign Solutions, we know how effective signage can be in advertising and building brand identity. In this blog, we will educate you on best practices for implementing door signage in your company to help amplify branding and make lasting impressions.

How to Enforce Branding in Your Company with Door Signs

When it comes to door signage, the goal is to provide visible information. If your signs are installed in places that are easily seen by as many people as possible, but fail to communicate your ideas effectively, you are not getting the most out of your investment.

The best way to ensure the visibility of your door sign and its respective information is by making it eye-catching. Whether you use simple, elegant vinyl door graphics or vibrant, colorful ones, identify what design is most effective in reinforcing your branding. You may be wondering, “why is it so important to include branding in door signage?” Great question!

The more you enhance your company’s branding, whether it be its logo or slogan, the more memorable your business will become to people. The visual design that is associated with your business should be easily recognizable to anyone, as it will make your products or services an easy choice.

A Customized Touch

With any form of signage, adding a customized touch helps in making a unique and lasting impression on potential customers. Custom door signs are no different. Even in a corporate setting, office door signs that include your company logo can show pride for your workspace and impress your visitors. You never know who your next visitor will be, so make sure your business looks professional and of a high-quality.

Capture Attention at Different Angles

There are countless sign options because using different angles or designs is an excellent approach to capturing people’s attention. When information or directions are presented in a unique way, people are more likely to take notice of it.

Hanging door signs, for example, are easily visible, creatively designed, and eye-catching because of their positioning above everyone’s heads. They are also less likely to become obstructed by people or objects, which ensures the information they provide is accessible. You can even add illumination or dimensional metal letters to give your sign additional visual qualities.

In some instances, hanging signs align better with a business’s image. For example, antique shops, bakeries, boutiques, or bed and breakfast inns are common places that utilize hanging signs; the brand

aesthetic of each of these shops is complimented by the aesthetic that a hanging sign offers. In other words, they add to the theme of these establishments by giving the location a classic visual appeal.

It’s Time to Choose Your Branding Solutions

If you are ready to invest in signs that create branded spaces for your business, give us a call at Horizon Sign Solutions. Whether you need door signs or other signage, we have superior materials and creative minds that can help your business shine!

To learn more about the door signs we manufacture and how you can use them in your business, contact us today.




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